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About us

Kwizda Pharma is part of the Kwizda Group and is active worldwide. We focus on developing, manufacturing and promoting innovative brand-name over–the-counter products as well as medications requiring a prescription.

Kwizda Pharma is a future-oriented company and is committed to comprehensively supporting the therapy trends of today via our broad product line. One aspect of this is providing a wide range of products, including brand-name products and pharmaceutical drugs for therapeutic treatment, enhancing health and preventing diseases, including cough and cold treatment, bladder health and pain management as well as addressing hypertension, diabetes, osteoporosis and gynecological conditions.

Kwizda is a family-run company that is based in Austria. The Kwizda group of companies encompasses the healthcare, plant protection and waterproofing systems industries. The health maintenance division is the largest of these and represents pharmaceuticals, pharmaceutical distribution, pharmaceutical wholesale and pharmacy services.

Kwizda is your Austrian healthcare Partner!